Droughts, Floods–Spring Blossoms (Sept. 2010)

The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: four perfect movements in harmony with each other.
Arthur Rubinstein (pianist)

After a decade of drought we have floods in northern Victoria. The downpour seems to be a mixed blessing. Many people have sustained damage to their homes and are struggling. Yet it has also brought relief to a parched land and therefore the farming community. I have friends who live in the area and while it causes upheaval when they are evacuated, it is also familiar.

The famed red gums have been distressed and suffering in the long dry spell and this deluge will now give them life again. Droughts and floods are seen as a part of the cycle which is just present in that part of the state

It was a pretty wet and stormy weekend in Melbourne. This week, every time I have driven to my rooms in busy Hampton Street, the beauty of spring that is visible takes my breath away. The whole street on both sides is lined with trees that are full of the most exquisite white blossoms. All winter these trees have been hardly visible in their spindly, bare state particularly in the slanting winter light. I am again reminded of how lucky we are.  Here on a busy suburban shopping strip we have a profusion of trees in blossom.

Winter is a time of hibernation. Things can lie dormant or just be percolating away hidden and with spring comes a new energy and ability to fulfill potential.

I love that Melbourne has definite seasons–even if we don’t get snow. Nature has rhythms and cycles built in. The seasons give us a time and a place for very distinct personal growth and change.

Traditionally, spring is for planting, sowing seeds.
Summer is for blossoming, growing.
Autumn is for harvest.
Winter is for rest and renewal, before the cycle begins anew.

The days of erratic rain and sun do not seem to matter. This is the very thing that promotes germination and growth.

These cycles are so applicable to us. With spring we feel exuberant, energised and expectant. We are inspired to tackle new things and undertake new projects. It is a perfect time to begin. On the 21st of September is the vernal (spring) equinox, where day and night are equal and then we roll in towards summer with the days getting longer and warmer.

Take the time, just now, to relish the blossoms and new growth everywhere. It is the perfect time to begin planting seeds literally or figuratively — in the garden or for projects that you would like to bring to fruition.

Wishing you magical times . . .

Love & joy

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