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Let us imagine a scene for a moment:

You get up in the morning and head out to work just as you are, in your pyjamas. You don’t shower, clean your teeth, put on clean or ironed clothes, let alone use deodorant or cologne. You just get up and go to work.

Urggh, I hear you cry—there is no way I would ever do that. I don’t know of anyone who would do that.

You’re right. In our society, no one would consider setting foot outside their door without some attention to how they look. And, often, how they may appear to others. Even if someone is exercising they will wear appropriate clothing and be aware of their appearance.

Some only take a little time to groom while others take an extraordinary amount of time. But EVERYONE takes some time.

We are quite particular about our external grooming but how many of us take some time for INTERNAL GROOMING?

What do I mean by internal grooming?

To take some time each day to create mental and emotional balance. To set intentions and create how you would like your day to unfold. To set forth each day feeling centered. Mornings have the potential to be fraught with varying little family dynamics that can create a level of stress. In this state of tension any tiny mishap on the commute—say, with someone cutting you off in traffic; a delay with road works, or your regular train being cancelled, can cause anger and frustration. Most of us carry this feeling and let it colour our entire day. It can spill over into all our subsequent interactions.

So how do we internally groom? Doing a 20 minute meditation every morning and setting your intentions for the day is the best way I know to create inner stillness and peace. Meditation is a simple yet powerful ritual to practice.

A practice of daily meditation has such far reaching effects. It will prove to be the most beneficial 20 minutes you will spend!

Love & joy

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