LOTUS: The Power of Emotion

The Lotus group is such a fun and enjoyable experience. There is always growth and change for everyone and I know this series will be the same

How often does a small incident become a huge problem because you have worried ceaselessly about it? How often do you let people around you govern your life? The external world reflects the internal. So if your world feels chaotic and you feel stressed anxious, or overwhelmed and would like to find some relief and peace then, this programme is just what you need to find harmony and balance. This a gift to give to yourself. Enjoying 2 hours of self time in nurturing and caring environment is life-giving.

Each week we will look at a pattern of behaviour to gain an understanding of the way they impact life: the thoughts we have, the language we use and our feelings are all instruments in how the outer world shows up. We are so powerful and have the capacity to create a life that feels more joyful and more flowing to us. You will have practices to take away so you can begin to create centeredness and peace for yourself. We will finish each session with a guided meditation.

Group Guided Meditations are profound and powerful. Even though there will be no formal instruction on how to meditate, you will be able to participate, even if you have never meditated before.

The intention for these sessions is to provide a safe and nurturing space where sharing, caring and learning abound. Each is a 2 hour session come and enjoy!

Dates: TBA

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Email Address: info@meditationforhealing.com.au
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