You Are Your Own Doctor (June 2010)


“Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.”
Albert Schweitzer
French philosopher & physician (1875 – 1965)

In November 2009, I presented at The International Holistic Health conference. I was asked to speak about what I do in my practice — mind body medicine and what that actually means. After the session, I happened to speak to one of the participants. A doctor from Sydney, Jennifer Hunter, told me that what I had spoken about reminded her of an experience she had had as an intern and reaffirmed for her the power we all carry within ourselves to heal. It is a perfect illustration of what I speak about and teach!

I asked her to write it and send it to me so I am just going to include it verbatim:

It was during my first year as a doctor that I began to observe the power we all have to heal thyself. During my trainee rotation I was sent to a hospital for one week. I was asked to insert a nasogastric tube down an old man’s nose that went down into his stomach so liquid food could be given to him. Following surgery to his abdomen a few months ago, the wound had failed to heal and was wide open. The wound was at least 20cm long and 10cm wide. The man looked very sick and underweight. His surgeon said to me that he would not leave hospital and would die. Later that day I was called back to reinsert the tube. Upon further inquiry I found out that he was angry, didn’t want the tube in and kept pulling it out. So before putting the tube back in, I talked to him.

I asked the man why he was pulling the tube out all the time. Since he wasn’t eating and was obviously weak and frail, surely he could see that it was essential that he got food into him otherwise he would fade away and die. I asked him if he wanted to die and reassured him that it was O.K. and I would respect his wishes. The man said he wanted to live. He hated being in hospital for so long and wanted to go home. He hated the tube being down his nose and he didn’t want it put back in. Well then, if the tube wasn’t to be put back in then he must eat! So we eventually found something that he loved to eat: chocolate (of course). He would get his wife to bring in boxes of chocolate and he would eat as much chocolate as he could.

I told the man what his surgeon had said to me. No western medicine or surgery was going to save him and get him back home. His surgeon said he wouldn’t make it. The only option, then, was to heal himself. I explained to him how the body heals. I talked about little cells making protein, like scaffolding for other cells to grow on until eventually the wound closes up. I suggested that instead of lying in bed feeling angry and sorry for himself, wasting away the days watching television, he should start to focus on healing himself. I showed him how to relax and visualise what I had described. I suggested that every minute he was lying there alone he gently focus his attention on imagining his abdomen healing.

Six months later I returned to that hospital. I was in the elevator when a tall handsome elderly gentleman tapped me on the shoulder. “Dr Hunter, remember me. It worked, I am completely healed and well. I’m just here for a check up with my surgeon.” I am forever grateful to this man for affirming the power we all have within ourselves to heal. There is no medicine more powerful than our minds and souls.

Dr Jennifer Hunter, Bondi Junction

YOU are the healer. As a doctor, a therapist, I am not the healer, no one is. A practitioner, a modality, a pill, a potion, a treatment protocol are all important. Everything can help you, support you, but the HEALING comes from you, comes from within.

The body is such an amazing, exquisite design. Everything is so precisely ordered. We have an internal pharmacy that manufactures, stores and delivers chemicals and hormones we require in exactly the right amount, at precisely the right time and place. We have the capacity to defend and protect ourselves from external and internal harm. We have the capacity to heal. Use this capacity. Nurture and nourish the body and apply the wonderful power of your mind to what you want, rather than what you don’t want. To heal – keep your focus on health even as you use different protocols and treatments. Where attention goes, energy flows and result shows. Keep your attention on what you want.

Above all, journey with joy.

Love and radiant health to you,

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